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Our partners are:

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AirOShoot is a partnership between – currently – four European 10 meter air competitions.

The partners are:

  • IRS Cup (Belgium)
  • InterShoot (the Netherlands)
  • RIAC (Luxembourg)
  • Welsh Open (Wales)

Over time, when the partnership is up and running, we aim to add additional partners that have a common interest in a Europe-based 10 meter competition. Needless to say that the competitions are open to non-European athletes as well.

The objectives of the partnership are:

  • To cooperate when and where ever possible
  • To raise the profile of the European “B” 10 meter competitions
  • To fill the gap between the National and ISSF/ESC competitions
  • To provide resources and expertise for start-up competitions

Participants of the partnering competitions will have the opportunity to enter a ranking system by earning points. The top rankers will be offered the opportunity to enter a ‘super final’  competition and compete with the other top-rankers.

Details are still under development and will be published as soon as they are agreed.

AirOShoot is sponsored by:

AHG – Anschutz

SV Het Loodje vzw

Municipality of Herent